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2022 Tax Tips

SECURE Act 2.0   by Scott Kaup
IRS Notices   by Katie Sicheneder  10/26/2022
Tax Benefits of Child Wages   by Chaney Zeisler  10/6/2022



2021 Tax Tips

Mileage Rates for 2022  by Chaney Zeisler  12/30/2021

Form W-4:  Employee's Withholding Certificate  by Katie Sichender 12/21/2021

Changes to Nebraska Property Tax Credit  by Lori Lemmer 12/13/2021

Child Tax Credit & Recovery Rebate Credit  by Annie Schurman  12/3/2021

Tax Changes in the House Version of the Build Back Better Act  by Ben Kaup  11/30/2021

Health Savings Accounts  by Chaney Zeisler  11/19/2021

Form 943 IRS Notices  by Katie Sicheneder  11/12/2021

Drought Deferral 2021   by Lori Lemmer  11/8/2021

Retirement & Taxes - Understanding IRAs   by Annie Schurman  11/2/2021

Advance Child Tax Credit Payments   by Katie Sicheneder



Coronavirus Stimulus Information, Benefits & Updates

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

2021 Tax Season Update   by Ben Kaup

Nebraska Property Tax Incentive Credit   by Lori Lemmer

Paycheck Protection Program Second Round   by Chaney Black

Year End Tax Planning Tools & Pre-Paid Farm Expenses   by Lori Lemmer

Economic Impact Payments or Stimulus Checks    by Jenna Welborn

USDA Launches Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2    by Chaney Black

COVID-related Tax Tips   by Annie Fischer

2020 Stimulus Payment Information    by Lori Lemmer

New Proposed PPP Loan Guidelines for Farmers and Ranchers    by Lori Lemmer

PPP Application Deadline Extended    by Ben Kaup

Nebraska Stabilization Grant   by Jenna Welborn

PPP Forgiveness Period Extended to 24 Weeks   by Scott Kaup

USDA Now Accepting Applications for Coronavirus Food Assistance Program   by Chaney Black

Where is My Stimulus Check?   By Annie Fischer

CARES Act Expands Charitable Giving   by Lori Lemmer

Loans You Do Not Have to Pay Back   by Scott Kaup


Nebraska Personal Property Tax Information  by Lori Lemmer

Federal Tax Deadline Extended to July 15th and Other Updates   by Scott Kaup


Weekly Tax Tips                                                                                              

1099 & W-2 Filing   by Jenna Welborn

2020 Standard Mileage Rate   by Diane Osborne

No 2020 RMD - Should You Convert to Roth?   by Annie Fischer

How Much Can I Gift Per Year?    By Chaney Black

When Can I Expect my Refund?   by Ben Kaup

The new SECURE Act   by Scott Kaup

1099 and W2 Filing    by Jenna Welborn

Year-End Tax Tips    by Lori Lemmer

Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from IRAs   by Diane Osborne

Health Insurance Through the Marketplace    by Chaney Black

2020 Income Tax Numbers to Know    by Ben Kaup

Bonus Depreciation   by Annie Fischer

Tax Consequences of Weather-Related Sales   by Lori Lemmer

Tax Planning in Low Income Years    by Chaney Black

The Consequences of Like-Kind Exchanges  by Ben Kaup

Want a Tax Break - Hire Your Kid  by Annie Fischer

Ordinary and Necessary Expenses and Receipts  by Lori Lemmer

Tax Planning in a Down Year  by Ben Kaup

Adjusting Your Withholding  by Annie Fischer

Payroll Deposits  by Jenna Welborn

Highlights of the Proposed Tax Cuts and Job Act  by Chaney Black

Why Contribute to an IRA  by Diane Osborne

Watch the Hobby Farm/Hobby Loss Rules  by Lori Lemmer

Commodity Wages: What are they?  How can they fit into your operation?  by Ben Kaup

What to do if you receive a letter from the IRS  by Annie Fischer

Update on the Proposed Tax Cuts and Job Act   by Chaney Black

What You Need to Know About the Tax Cuts & Jobs Acts for Individuals  by Ben Kaup

What Business Owners Need to Know About the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act   by Ben Kaup

Review of the 2018 Law Changes of the Standard Deduction and Exemptions   by Lori Lemmer

How the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Applies to Farmers & Ranchers   by Chaney Black

As the 2018 Tax Season Starts   by Annie Fischer

IRS Phone Scams - Stay Alert   by Jenna Welborn

How Long to Keep Your Tax Records   by Diane Osborne

Standard Deduction Doubles, Itemize Every Other Year?   by Ben Kaup

Employee vs. Contract Laborer   by Lori Lemmer

Marketplace Health Insurance   by Chaney Black

Why do you need a professional to prepare your taxes?  by Annie Fischer

Tax Refunds   by Jenna Welborn

Section 199A Coop "Grain Glitch" Fix Passed    by Scott Kaup, CFP®

Benefits of Filing an Extension    by Diane Osborne

How Much Can I Gift Per Year?   by Ben Kaup

Three Tax Credits That May Save You Thousands    by Chaney Black

Use of a Health Savings Account (HSA)    by Jenna Welborn

Is 70 the new 65?   by Lori Lemmer

Taxes & Investments: Tax Tips for Investors     by Annie Fischer

Details on the USDA Market Facilitation Program    by Chaney Black

Safeguarding Yourself and Your Data   by Diane Osborne

My Personal IRS Scam Phone Call   by Jenna Welborn

Vehicle and Equipment Trade Ins   by Ben Kaup

Don't Expect to File Early This Tax Season    by Lori Lemmer

2018 Withholding: The Need to Reexamine Your W-4   by Annie Fischer

1099s & W-2s    by Diane Osborne

Health Insurance Through the Marketplace    by Chaney Black




Tax Worksheets

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